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Hello everyone:

Today was the last day of the “Quick Start Challenge”. I have to say that these four weeks were filled of tremendous training and help not just from Dean, Craig and JF, but from the fellow marketers.. It was such an amazing experience.

We were presented with an Elite business opportunity that they have. It is an awesome system. Unfurtunately, the price was way beyond my means at this point. Very dissapointed, but who know maybe in the future I will have the resources to join them. They are very honest and actually care about our success.

But now I will apply what I learned from them and little by little, one step at a time I will be successful. It might take me a little longer, but I am going to make it. No doubt in my mind.

I will start my journey with the knowledge and resources available to me at the present time. I will keep you informed about my ups and down in my way to success….

I am regrouping everything I learned and trying to organize my thoughts and plan of attack.

I will be sharing my journey….That’s it for today!

To our success,




Hello  my friends;

Still trying to get the free gift together…. I am creating the eBook cover, The Thank you page and the download page….Of course it’s going to take me longer than all of you….One step at a time….I know I can outsource it to Fiverr but I need to know how to do it!..

Also Get Response is having some problems, so I couldn’t get the webform code …. O well, one of those days.

Not a good week…. But I will keep on going….

Exited about the week four webinar…..

This is such a great a supportive group… Thank God I found it.

This is it for now. Back to my “Free Gift” project.

To our success,




Hello marketers:

Here I am in my third week following the Quick Start Challenge System.

This week’s challenge was opening an account with an Auto Responder. Then adding a optin form to our blog. And also researching for a free offer.

First Part of the Challenge.

Signing Up to an Auto Responder.

I decided to go with Get Response. I read different reviews about them and it is a solid company that has been around for a long time. Actually it is the favorite from a lot of very well recognized Internet Marketers. The price is affordable and the customer service is excellent. Easy to navigate and they have a lot of tutorials to help you out.


Second Part of the Challenge


Adding An Optin Form To The Side Bar In Our Blog


Well, I didn’t even know where to start. So as many times before, I visit my good old friend “Mr. You Tube”. I found some instructions on how to achieve this task. And after a few attempts. finally the optin form appeared in my blog….Yeahhh…. Success!!!¬† I think it looks very good.

Now I will be researching on the free offer…. I will let you know about my progress with the part three of my challenge…

OK,that is all for today.

To our success,