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Second Week Of My Journey With Quick Start Challenge.

Hello marketers:

During the second week of my journey with the Quick Start Challenge I was really pushed out of my comfort zone. I still can’t believe it, but I created my very first video. It was a real challenge. Remember I am not computer savvy. On the contrary I have a very hard time with technical stuff.

Well, I finally made my video with my Android Phone. I emailed it to me and then I uploaded to my computer. Easy right? WRONG!. My video was showing sideways…So I went back, made another video holding the camera in another direction, sent my email, uploaded the video again. Guess what, it was still sideways. I  don’t know what happened. I spent two days trying to figure it out. Finally I called my computer guy and like magic, he fixed it in no time….

Then I followed the instructions about how to get traffic to my blog with free methods. Well I am happy to let you know that I am getting about 15-20 visitors a day…I am really exited with this progress. Whatever I am learning it is working.

I will be keeping you up to date with my adventure…

To our success,



Tonny Robbins Talks About Internet Marketing With Frank Kern and John Reeves

Hello everyone

This is a video that I found browsing in the Web… It is so motivating and awesome… I usually watch it once a month. If you pay attention and listen to these three guys talking about Internet Marketing, you will be so motivated and focus… It will help you in your journey to be successful in life.

Hope you guys will enjoy…. Let me know your thoughts…

To our success



Hello everyone:

I can’t believe it… I finally made it…. Here is my very first video…

Hopefully the next one is going to be a lot better… But I feel proud that I DID it!!!!!! I am so exited….

To our Success,