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And My Journey Continues…


Hello my friends:
 I haven been away from my blog for a couple of weeks… I was dealing with technical issues.. After a few weeks of struggling with my side bar optic, trying to link it to the download page, uploaded to the Internet, etc…
I decided to go to Fiverr… I found a guy that promised to do all this techie stuff for me. I even paid for th “extra fast”. Send the information and waited and waited, and waited some more…. Nothing, nada….. So I cancelled the order and then go to square one.. Kept looking in Fiverr and FINALLY found a guy that fixed all my issues in a couple of days….
In the meantime I was researching for products to promote… Checked several ones, and I”m actually found one. I am working with this program. Newbie friendly, excellent service and support. I don’t want to recommend it yet. I want to have some good results before I let you know more about it.
Now let’s have a little fun.

Laughter the Best Medicine

Guys I came across this video, and I think it is hilarious…. You should take a little time and watch it.
Let me know your favorite one…. Mine is “Ask for Help”…


8 Seriously Funny Success Tips For Online Marketers

It is good to have a good laugh once in a while.
OK guys, let’s keep reaching for our goals.. We will get there.
Focus, focus, focus….
To our success.



My Internet Marketing Journey -“Taking Action”


Hello everyone:

I am back after few days of taking a business trip over the weekend. It wasn’t very succesful… I am back to my online adventure.

I am hitting a road block. I am trying to edit a ebook I already have published. I forgot to enter the links for a couple of resources I wanted to recommend,,,I was going in circles last night. I just gve up with this issue!!!. I guess the first bet is calling my computer guy.

I really missed the QSC. It’s too bad financially I can’t join the iPro Program… Well, it s what it is.. I have a lot of great information and tools that I am determined to apply.

I wil be posting on blogs and I will let you know of my results maybe next week.

To all of you “Mothers” have a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY with your families. Take sometime to really enjoy the important things in life… Life goes by very fast.

To our success,