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MY IM Journey – Another detour to be conquered…

My IM Journey.. Another detour to be conquered…


Hello everyone:

I am back after having almost a month of very busy tasks to accomplish on my retail business. After years of struggling and being extremely slow, all of the sudden I started getting orders and being a one person operation I had to put the IM aside for a while…. not enough hours in a day.

But I always kept studying and searching for different traffic resources I acquired previously, so when I have more time for my Internet Marketing journey, I will be ready to give it a go.

I am part of Dean Holland’s I Pro coaching program. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to really dig into it because of the limited time I have right now. But I went back an check the New Training He Has called “Automated Income Seminar”. I have to tell you, that I made the time to watch the first video an I was so exited to have these resources available to me.. It is so amazing.

I was really lost and overwhelm with my business getting busy suddenly, and trying to pull my mind in different directions I was stressed to the max…. Finally I decided to set aside my IM business and give all my attention to my retail… after all I needed the money.

It was the best decision I made. Now I am more relaxed and taking care of my busy season with my business, but I have the clarity to research for options, traffic resources, etc. to get ready for my IM Journey very soon.

I will be going through this training and I will keep you up to date on my progress and journey!

I will be posting once or twice a week to give you my opinion and also if I come across good resources I will be happy to share those with you.

To our success,