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Hello Marketers:

Here I am writing about my experiences with my Internet Marketing Adventure this past week

I run into the most strange situation working on some pages and trying to make them private. Well, they worked perfect if I kept the computer on…. But if I turned it off or even putting it in stand by, the links on the pages wouldn’t work. Everybody was trying to solved the “mystery”.

I did a major maintenance in my computer, complete defragmentation and checked all the settings. Absolutely nothing helped. So my husband googled my problem and after following certain instructions and failing to solve the problem, I went back to the pages set up in my Word Press blog.  After 5 days of going crazy trying to get this issue fixed, I finally found the mistake….Instead of just making a page private, I was setting my whole blog to private…..

The reason I am writing about this, is because I wanted you to know that you are going to hit road blocks and even though they can be very frustrated, the satisfaction of overcoming this obstacles, gives you more drive to keep on going. Every “wrinkle” you conquer it will make you more eager to succeed.

I’ve learned a lot about settings, computer maintenance, and Word Press….So everything happens for a reason (like my mom used to say…..)

I will be back next week with another update.

Keep on going…. and you will get there…

To our success,



Hello Marketers:

I am back after a couple of weeks of working on my IM journey.

I signed up for a great program Dean Holland has that will help me building a list and making sales more effectively. The program is wonderful. They practically do everything for you, but I have to actually do some work and set it up (what a concept… work to get it going… :).

It’s been a little challenging for me with my limited technical skills, but with their help I am almost there… I will definitely keep you posted  with the results once I have my first campaign is running.

The links are driving me crazy…. sometimes they work, and another times they won’t. I have to figure out what I am doing wrong…

I just want it to let you know where I am right now….

Keep you posted.

To our success,


Continuing My Internet Marketing Journey


Hello marketers:

Here I am after a few weeks of working in my existing retail business…. I am finally catching up with all the orders and commitments and ready to keep on going with my Internet Marketing Journey.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am involved with the Dean Allan’s coaching program. I really haven’t had a chance to really “take action”. Now I am ready…. I am so determined to succeed that I am promised myself I am going  to make my first $100.00 withing the next 60 days with this program’s guidance and help.. I know that if I follow all the training and actually do what the program is asking me to do, there is non other option but succeed.

I decided to start from the beginning and follow the system step by step. I am going through the basics steps and one of the first things we have to do is “start a blog telling our story”. This is exactly what I am doing. Yes I stopped for a while, but know I have the burning desire to succeed. I will keep you up to date of my progress. It’s very exiting to finally have found an honest Internet Marketer that cares about our success. I just have a lot of confidence and trust about Dean’s program.

I will be posting in a regular basis, so please follow my journey and I promise you will see the progress as I go along. No BS

Until next time…. Going back to my training

To our success,