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Continuing With Free Traffic…

Hello Marketers

We just had a Webinar last week with Dean Holland, our mentor. It was so encouraging and uplifting. Some of us are a little discourage not seeing as many good results as we want.. One of the questions was: “How can we stop being overwhelmed and going in different directions?.  Read more

Learning How To Generate FREE Traffic…

Hello Marketers;

Hope you are advancing and your determination to succeed in the Internet Marketing Arena is stronger than ever…. Just go that extra mile and you will see results.

This week I will be concentrating in trying  few sources of free traffic. I have been a little busy with my present business, so I haven’t been able to experiment with these sources I just discovered.  Read more

My First Active Steps

Hello Marketers:

My computer was acting up so I decided to get a new one… I didn’t know how envolved it was transfering all my files from one computer to another. Quiet a challenge.

But I am determined to get my business off the ground asap…. So I made my first video, and also bought my first solo ad. Hopefully I will get some results.  Read more