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Learning About Free Traffic With Videos

Learning About Free Traffic With Videos

Hello Marketers,

Here I am after a week of trying different types of software about how to create videos.. This is the result of one of the software I used.  Not too bad.. I had the option of recording my voice but I need a microphone for that…I don’t have one right now. Read more

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Hello everyone

I am a little late this week because I was out of town in the east coast of US (Cleveland, Ohio to be exact) on a business trip. It was snowing all the time I was there. the Internet connection in the Hotel was very, very slow so I was kind of limited to access my email and the rest of my internet filess.  Read more

Free Traffic?… Really?…

Hello Marketers:

I finally came to the conclusion that that there is not such a thing as “Free Traffic”.. You either pay money for it, or spend time making it work. Time is Money,  So the reality is, there is no free traffic.

Paid Traffic

With paid traffic, you see faster results and you can reinvest in your business as the profits come in. The most effective source of paid traffic, specially for “newbies” is Solo Ads. You pay someone that already have a list in your niche, to send your email with your offer. Usually you pay per click. Make sure you do your research before ordering Solo Ads. There are a lot of scams out there. So, always research in forums, google, etc…

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