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Hello everyone

I am a little late this week because I was out of town in the east coast of US (Cleveland, Ohio to be exact) on a business trip. It was snowing all the time I was there. the Internet connection in the Hotel was very, very slow so I was kind of limited to access my email and the rest of my internet filess. 

Right now I am catching up with some training from my “coaching program” . Every week we had awesome training and what I like the best about these Webinars is the interaction with our coach. You feel part of a community that really cares to see you succeed. I have been in a lot Webinars where you ask a question and good luck trying to get the answer…. I am so glad I found Dean Holland and his team.

This week there were two different Webinars. One about TRAFFIC and the other one about YOU TUBE TRAINING Part 1. I have my work cut out for me. I have to catch up..These trainings are over 2 hours long because they answered every single question you have…. They are great. i just love being part of this group.

I will keep you posted and lett you know about these last Webinars….

Until next week.

To our success,


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