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This has been a very productive one.


I have the Done For You Program (one of the many programs Dean Holland offers to his students) but as  probably like a ot of you, I had it for few months and put it aside for one reason or another.. Most likely looking for a faster and better system that will put millions of dollars  in my bank like magic… Well after checking a lot of them and being in the same place, I decided to focus 100% in Dean Holland’s Platform…


In the “Done For You Program”, you will get everything you need to create your first campaign up and running. And when I say Step By Step, I mean it. I have plenty of other “done for you” but no raining or guidance whatsoever. Not her.


I learned more this week following this tutorials, that I have in the two years that I am trying to make money online.


There aer a series of training videos covering:

1 . How to Buy a Domain

2.- How to open your Hosting Account and How to point your Domini to the Hosting count

3.- How to register a Domain in your Hosting Account


4.- How to upload your domain in you server uin FTP (this was huge for me.. Finally I know how to do it .. yeahh)

More Determined Than Ever…… Facing very challenging times!

Hello My IM Marketing Friends:

This has been a very changing year in my personal life…..

First, at the beginning of the year my husband as very sick for awhile…. We overcame that, and then in June I woke up one day seeing very strange with my left eye. (my predominant eye). When to he doctor and to make the long story shot, I develop a Macular Hole that needed surgery.

My vision was completely distorted and needles to say my life was limited to local driving and managing with my right eye.

I had more time to work with my IM business. I had t enlarge the fonts to be able to see and read the computer. Also using a magnifying glass…

My surgery went well, but it’s going to take from 6 to 8 weeks to be able to see results. Now my vision in the left eye is foggy and I can only see shadows…. as the weeks go by, it supposed to start getting better…..

So one day I said to myself… Gloria yon have plenty of time to listen to the training program I have been involved for a year or so, not doing too much with it…. Getting distracted with another programs … you know the story… It is an awesome system. and the price is unreal…. under $20.00

So I started from video 1 and going slowly, taking notes, etc. It’s a fabulous system. And Dean, Louis and their staff are wonderful. They really care about success I am  following every step of the program and I knew  I will get results.

You Might be asking, “Why is Gloria Sharing this with us?”. Because we will have challenges and problems out of our control. But I firmly believe that everything happens for  a reason.., Maybe this was the way to force me to slow down and dig into what I have right in front of me.

I will keep you up to date of my progress…..

DO NOT GIVE UP….. Success is near!



PD. I apologize for any typos or grammar mistakes…. You know why 🙂

Growing Pains – Keep Going In My Internet Marketing Journey

Hello Friends:

I had a very challenging week to say the list… Here is why:

I am part of fIProfits, a coaching system by Dean Holland. Within this system they have a fabulous product called “Done For You Funnel Email”, where they give you step by step how to build your first camping ,including training, email swipes, promotional videos and a lot more.

As all of you know, I am not tectonically inclined, so it takes me a lot longer to learn and complete different tasks….than to the average students..

The first thing I learn teaks from one of my favorite friends “YouTube”  with how to upload the HTML files to Kompozer to be able to edit them…Everything was going great, until it came the part to upload the page to the website using Filezilla. (free software).

Because I was trying to rush, I uploaded the pages to the wrong file….. tThen, when I was trying to get the URLs ,all of them came in  very weird format: with % symbols, etc… I panicked and not knowing what to do, send a “support ticket” to Hostgator.. They told me what I did wrong, they fix my mistakes, but they never explained to me how to fix the problem just in case if it happens again I would be able to take care of it. Anyhow, I though the problem was solved, but when I tried to play the videos by clicking on the links, the videos were very snail…. I couldn’t believe it….. I was so frustrated…. Now what!!!!… I was too embarrassed to send another support ticket to Hstgattor… Well,I cleaned all the cookies, cache and restarted my computer and voila….. problem solved….YEEAHHHH SUCCESSS..

The reason I am doing this post for everyone to see, is because the road to success is  full of bumps and challenges. It took me almost a week to solve the problem, but I m so grateful I am part of iPro because their help and support were amazing… Their Facebook (primate) support were such a big help. Some members asked me to email them explaining the problem to help me out. I have to say thank you specially to Robert Seaton for going the extra mile to help me out… Actually he suggested to my to write a post about my experience. Great group of people.. You don’t feel alone….

I am in the last step of my campaign, maybe in a day or two I will be sending traffic to it.

If you are interested to find out about this Program Click Here for more Information.

Don’t ever give up…. Keep on going…Jump over the obstacles and never look back..

To our success,