More Determined Than Ever…… Facing very challenging times!

Hello My IM Marketing Friends:

This has been a very changing year in my personal life…..

First, at the beginning of the year my husband as very sick for awhile…. We overcame that, and then in June I woke up one day seeing very strange with my left eye. (my predominant eye). When to he doctor and to make the long story shot, I develop a Macular Hole that needed surgery.

My vision was completely distorted and needles to say my life was limited to local driving and managing with my right eye.

I had more time to work with my IM business. I had t enlarge the fonts to be able to see and read the computer. Also using a magnifying glass…

My surgery went well, but it’s going to take from 6 to 8 weeks to be able to see results. Now my vision in the left eye is foggy and I can only see shadows…. as the weeks go by, it supposed to start getting better…..

So one day I said to myself… Gloria yon have plenty of time to listen to the training program I have been involved for a year or so, not doing too much with it…. Getting distracted with another programs … you know the story… It is an awesome system. and the price is unreal…. under $20.00

So I started from video 1 and going slowly, taking notes, etc. It’s a fabulous system. And Dean, Louis and their staff are wonderful. They really care about success I am  following every step of the program and I knew  I will get results.

You Might be asking, “Why is Gloria Sharing this with us?”. Because we will have challenges and problems out of our control. But I firmly believe that everything happens for  a reason.., Maybe this was the way to force me to slow down and dig into what I have right in front of me.

I will keep you up to date of my progress…..

DO NOT GIVE UP….. Success is near!



PD. I apologize for any typos or grammar mistakes…. You know why 🙂

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