Quick Start Challenge – Second Week.

Here I am again:
I am dealing with my fear of the second challenge… MAKING A VIDEO. I have never made a video in my life. I did a little test with my phone. Then I tried to uploaded to YouTube and I couldn’t . Have to call my computer guy for help.
I have an issue with YouTube. A year or so ago, my main email account was cancelled by YouTube because i was working with a program based on video marketing and apparently was going against all the YouTube regulations. So they close my account. I have to see how I am going to do this….
This is going to be a very short post….. I am working on my second week challenge…. always challenges and problems… I will figure it out.n the mean time
In the next couple of days you will see my video…..
In the meantime hope everyone is moving along and getting closer to success.
To our success.




  1. Rich Emmett says:

    Hi Gloria, I hope you’ve solved your YouTube issue and I’m looking forward to seeing your first video. If you’ve got access to cPanel, you ought to be able to create a new email address based on your domain name, so something like admin@glewismjourney.com, or whatever, if you haven’t already done that already, and then you can use that email address to sign up for your new YouTube account. Hopefully you’ll solve the issue soon. Good luck!

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Rich
      Thank your for your advise…. I just got a new g mail account and use it for You Tube…. what an ordeal.
      Well the video is up…. not too great i did it…. very proud of myself.
      Thanks again your comments
      To our Success

  2. Amuro Wesley says:

    Hey Gloria,

    Glad to have you in Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

    When it comes to getting started online, we all faced the same problem.

    Not knowing where to start, how to start and who to trust.

    One thing I do learn after doing internet marketing for 4 years now is that you do not need to know or buy every course or tool to get started online.

    What you need are just 2 things.

    1. The right system and

    2. The right mentor.

    And Dean’s Quick Stsrt Challenge is the best example of both.

    Wish you success online and if you have any problems that are not addressed in the webinar, you may contact me or any of us for help.

    We are all here to encourage and help one another succeed besides just learning from Dean.

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Amuro
      Thank you for your warm welcome and encouragment. I really have good hopes for this program. Dean and Craig are so honest and transparent.
      I hope we can start seeing good results….
      You are absolutely right. To make money online you only need:
      1.- The right system
      2.- The right mentors.
      We have both of them…. Now if we do our part, we will finallyy be successful.
      Thanks again,
      To our success,

  3. Tisa Housh says:

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