I Have A Resource to Stop Spam Comments!

I have a Resource to Stop Spam Comments


After researching different plugins, paid and free, I decided to install this particular one: “Stop Spam Comments“. It’s free and I have to say, I am very happy with the results…

I used to get between 50 and 60 comments a day… 95% of them were spam, duplicates, and a lot of them didn’t make any sense at all.

No I am down to 5-10 a day, but at least they are actual comments…. not “garbage”.

If you go go Google.org then look for plugins. Enter in the search “Stop Spam Comments”. You will find it. Download it and instal it… I think you will be happy you did..

You also will find the information in the Recommended Resources sections

This is short post, but I just want it to share my new “finding”. I love it… Let me know in your comments if it’s working for you too.

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