Hello  my friends;

Still trying to get the free gift together…. I am creating the eBook cover, The Thank you page and the download page….Of course it’s going to take me longer than all of you….One step at a time….I know I can outsource it to Fiverr but I need to know how to do it!..

Also Get Response is having some problems, so I couldn’t get the webform code …. O well, one of those days.

Not a good week…. But I will keep on going….

Exited about the week four webinar…..

This is such a great a supportive group… Thank God I found it.

This is it for now. Back to my “Free Gift” project.

To our success,




  1. Bob Moore says:


    It may be taking a little longer this week, but you’re doing it. That’s the important thing. Too many people would simply quit when faced with challenges or a new task. You should be proud that you’re moving forward.

    I wish you the best of luck with your new business. The fact that you’re willing to continue indicates future success.

    • G. Lewis says:

      Thanks Bob:
      Yes, I am determined to make it… I know it will be challenges, but that’s part of life.. I still don’t know how to
      insert the free gift picture on the top of the optin form… I will figure it out..
      I will be visiting you site.
      Thanks four your encouragement.
      To our success,

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