This Is My Very First Post…

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to my Blog…

As my Internet Marketing Journey is taking another direction, I want to share with some of  my experiences over the last two years.

I had my retail business for over twenty five year. I do hand-painted silk jackets, and I market them in Art Shows all over the United States. When the economy went south, so did my business. My product is a luxury and people don’t have to have it… So they stop buying… My wholesale accounts went out of business and my business was feeling the recession also.

Now what!. What could I do. I am in the sixties. Receiving Social Security and we all know that is not enough to survive. We barely manage with my husband’s social security

But  I wanted to be able to pay my bills and having enough money to fix our home and help our families to pay their debt. And I  need a car really bad…..

So, I starting surfing the web. Guys, I barely knew how to send an email. That was my extend of knowledge about computers…So I decided to learn how to familiarize myself with all this computer jargon, with my best friend “YouTube”. Mr. YouTube is a very good teacher. I learned a lot.

Then I started trying different programs…. nothing. They were so convincing in their videos, that I fell for a whole bunch of them,,, Pure junk. Guys, PLEASE don’t fall for those “shining objects“. Stay away from them.. There is no push button system that is going to make you rich overnight…

I was involved with a Big Idea Mastermind/Empower Network for a year or so. Honestly I don’t even know why I signed up for this program. It wasn’t for me. You have to recruit people, then  train them, motivate them, etc  It wasn’t for me.

Then at the beginning of this year I reevaluated my internet adventure. I decided to research the programs before I join them.. What a revelation this was.

I finally made some money online… yeahhhh!!! the whooping $105.38. This was my turning point. If I could make $100 I can make a lot more money online.

I came across a program that I was very skeptical about. I research the system and the people that run it.They came out with flying colors.  The System’s name is “Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0“. They are having a four week training.This is their second year doing this program. In 2013 was the first one and it was a phenomenal success.Hopefully we will have a lot of people in their way to reaching their financial dreams at the end of the four weeks. I was so impressed with the first training Webinar.. It lasted 3 hours..They gave us assignment for this week. Putting up a blog and writing a post….. here I am… almost done.. Very proud… I finished it.

I have a felling that finally I found the right system. These guys are so energetic and down to earth. They don’t assure you that you are going to make tons of money What they promised is that they will give us the proper training and tools to succeed. But we have to take action. What a concept… Really?.. Yes, really we have to work to set up our business…But the rewards will be amazing…

I promise I will keep you up to date with my progress… I am determined to succeed. I will make money online.

OK enough for now….

I will let you know about next week… In the meantime you are welcome to leave your comments and questions…. love to hear from you!

To our success.

Gloria L.


  1. Steve Marx says:


    Very impressive first post!

    I can relate to a lot you’ve talked about.

    Thanks, and see you next time.

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Steve:
      Thanks for taking the time of reading my post…. Love the comment.
      I will be updating it as progress develops…

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi, Gloria. In looking at your posts I find that we are not all that different. Similar background. I’ll check back from time to time to see your progress.

  3. Reto Badraun says:

    Hi Gloria,
    I like your blog. It looks very clean and very professional. You know it’s interesting that so many of us challengers are victims of the shiny object syndrome. Hopefully Dean and his crew can get us away from this addiction and help us find real success.
    I wish you luck with this journey.

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Reto.
      Thanks for visiting my blog… I have a good feeling about Dean and his partners.
      They seem honest and down to earth. Maybe this will be our breaking point t success.
      Let’s keep going.
      To our success,

  4. Bert says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I know where you are coming from. I had a business that flourished for 30 years only to decline due to uncontrollable circumstances. It was an environment issue.
    Anyway, I learned and decided that multiple streams of income is going to be my path.
    Look at what you have undergone in your pursuit of the internet lifestyle as foundation. It says in the bible that “everything works together for good” Everything that happens is part of your success.
    All the business opportunities I joined in the past are there waiting for the right moment to bring them back to life. That time is when we all learn the skill of effective marketing. Once we have that, we can sell anything. That is where my Faith is.
    Keep It up. May more favor in your business find you.


    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Bert:
      Thanks a lot for your kind comments… I agree with you. I always remember my mom saying
      ‘everything always happens for a reason…” How wise and true this is… Let’s keep on
      going forward and we will find the right way to success.
      To our success,

  5. Shane Hutton says:

    Well done, Great effort on getting your site up and running.
    Wishing you well and looking forward to following your blog

    Shane Hutton
    ethical marketing & internet business solutions

    • G. Lewis says:

      Thanks Shane,
      Hi Shane:
      Thanks for complimenting my site… We have an awesome group. I have a good feeling about
      this program. Let’s o for it… Success is just around the corner.
      I can’t wait to see your progress.
      To our success,

  6. Abigail says:

    HI Gloria,

    Great post and your website looks so nice. We have so much in common! We have to know that we are tenacious, and we will learn and grow together through The Quick Start Challenge. We have such an incredible group to cheer us on to victory… keep up the great work!

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hi Abigail
      Thank you for complimenting my site. Still working on it… Yes this group is awesome. I truly have good hopes
      and I have the feeling that this s going to be a breaking point for a lot of us. We will succeed. I am determined.
      Let’s go for it!.
      I will be checking your post to see your progress.
      To our success.

  7. Great post Gloria! I am in awe with your resolve and how you’ve progressed in your journey. I also see so many similarities with your experience of what is being offered out there. I do believe that falling for these wonderfully crafted ads and webinars is part of the learning experience. It taught me a lot about marketing and seeing value in myself. For many of us it is difficult to toot our own horn. I’m sure a lot has to do with the way we were brought up and taught. It is often difficult to see the value we offer even though others may see it and even advertise it.

    I also enjoy Dean Holland’s charismatic and down to earth approach. He appears to be a natural at creating trust and apparently remaining humble through his successes.

    I wish you good luck with your journey and I will remain in touch.

    Daniel “The Real Mr. Bean”

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Daniel “The Real Nr. Bean”
      I love your title….. Thanks for your comments… It’s refreshing and uplifting to know that a lot of people are in
      the same boat and striving towards the same goals.
      This group is so great and supportive.
      I will definitely be back to see your progress.
      To our success.

  8. Phil Berkun says:

    Hello, Gloria,
    You certainly tell it like it is in your first blog post on your beautiful blog.
    I could relate to everything you said, and I wish you every success and look forward to seeing you succeed. Very best wishes.

  9. Carol says:

    Dear Gloria:

    Your post was nicely written and effective because people could identify with you. In this market you have to research before you buy and get help from others.

    Looking forward to reading your posts on the last two weeks of the challenge.

    Carol McGibbon

    • G. Lewis says:

      Thnks Carol.
      I know exactly how you mean… It is better to be complete honest and gain the trust of whoever is behind a computer… Hard to believe
      that so many people are searching and overcoming obstacles as we are. We will make it!
      To our success,

  10. Andy Mackow says:

    Hey Gloria, great post, it really is true a lot of us have been hood winked or side lined in our internet marketing journey. My first few spends were involved by going to seminars and buying programs which were supposed to involve 12 month training or so but after 2 months nothing happens, and the sellers disappear, and the organizers of the seminars don’t want to know. Phew, but hopefully on the right track now. I wish you the best, keep up the great work.

    • G. Lewis says:

      Hello Andy:
      It is amazing to see how many of us are trying to make money online. And the way, being lied and taken advantage of a vast number of “gurus”…
      Unreal. As a matter of fact I just had an experience. Bought a very expensive software that I couldn’t even configure it. It didn’t work at all.
      I supposed to get a refund within 10 days…
      My lesson? No more purchases and apply what I have learned so far…. It’s very easy to jump from system to another… It’s not taking me anywhere.
      I am focused and determined to succeed by taking action and stop buying….
      I will visit your post to see your progress.
      To our success,

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